Contour has catering down to a fine art.
Feel free to get in touch to chat about how we can meet your needs. We would love to arrange samples of our fine fair for you to try and love!

For more information drop us a line at
or +44 (0)1224-582151

We are a young, independently-run Aberdeen business and we really value the local business community around us. Here are a few businesses – okay, make that friends – who we think are doing it right.

Hanon - The finest in high fashion brands and limited run streetwear

Purdey - Some of the best hairdressers in town

MUSA - Fine food and drink

Boarderline - Streetwear, skate and snow

TwentyTwenty - Radical BMX radness

Granite Reef - Surf, skate, snow, street

CASC - Craft ales and the massive range of whiskys

Polka Design - Original architecture and interior design

Caiman ITS - Local grown, globally tested IT and software solutions

GPM Woodcraft - Fine-ass joinery and woodcraft

FortyTwo Studio - Independent graphic design and brand agency

The Cavern - Stacks of wax